Nonwoven Pouches

The Steriking® TEX-Line Peel Pouches are made of a tough, resistant nonwoven and Wipak´s Multi-X9 film, offering benefits superior to peel pouches with paper packing and sheet folding process.

Added package performance:

  • Stronger seals and higher mechanical strength than peel pouches with paper backing
  • Increased porosity for effective air evacuation and steam or gas penetration
  • Improved microbial barrier properties when compared to sheet folding techniques

More user convenience:

  • Quick removal prior to delivery into use
  • Safe presentation of the inner package
  • Strong choice for heavier, bulkier products and sets

Improved packing process

  • Less time consuming than a sheet folding process
Article Width Length Gusset Packing Unit
SNW2040 205 400 500
SNW2744 270 440 500
SNW3250 320 500 500
SNW4260 420 600 300
SNW5065 500 650 200
SNW5075 500 750 200
SNW5775 570 750 200