CB Dust Cover Bags for use after sterilization.

  • Both bag sides of durable, transparent Multilayer construction film.
  • Heat sealable with an impulse or rotosealer, recommended sealing temperature 130-160° C (272-335° F).
  • Also self-sealable version available.
  • The seals peel open easily.
  • Prolongs storage times of sterilised items.
  • Suitable for sterilisation by radiation.

Steriking® Dust Cover Bags are constructed of an impermeable multilayer boPET/PE plastic laminate, which protects items from dust and environmental influences and thus extends the sterility maintenance time. 

Dust Cover Bags are designed to give extra protection to sterile barrier systems during transport and storage. One Dust Cover Bag can be used to protect single or multiple sterilized packages.