Seal Validation Products

Seal Control Sheets

A practical Seal Control Sheet for daily heat-sealer validation and seal quality test.

Where medical devices are packed for sterilization the user is responsible for assuring the performance of the final closing seal of a package. Steriking® Seal Control is designed for operational qualification of the sealing process. Steriking® Seal Control Sheets are made from the same materials than the Steriking® sterilization packages; there is own product for sealing machine intended for paper and laminate packaging (SC250), and for Tyvek® and laminate packaging (TSC200).

Multi Seal Test

Facilitates your testing and controls operational performance of a sealing device and its seal integrity. Includes 300 SC250 Seal Control Sheets and dye bottle for dye penetration test.

Smart Dye Tests

A new generation test to assess the integrity of the sealing seams. Easy-to-use tests for identifying defects such as channels quickly and clearly as soon as the ink is pushed into the pack. Separate tests are available for paper and laminate packages (SDT30B), and Tyvek® and laminate packages (SDT30P).

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